Friday, August 19, 2011

Infertility and Pregnancy

Being pregnat can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. My husband and I have been blessed with three wonderful children and are grateful for them everyday. We talked about maybe having one or two more but I started to have a lot of pain in my lower stomach. I just ingored it thinking it was probably just stress and went on about life. As time went on, the pain got stronger and more frequent. My husband finally said, you're going to the doctors today.  I agreed and some test were run, ultrasounds taken and by the end I was going in for surgery due to the multiple type of cysts that I had on my ovaries.  We were told that we probably werent going to be able to have more children and if we were that we would probably need to resort to in vitro.
We were devestated at this news and so once again I turned to doTERRA oils not wanting to except the diagnois that had been given to me.  Immediatly I started to rub Clary Sage and Frankincense over my ovaries twice a day.  4 months later we found out I was pregnant with our fourth child!
How amazing was that, we couldn't believe it and neither could the doctors. I was over joyed from the outcome and most the credit to the oils!!
I of course have terrible morning sickness so as soon as week 6 came around I was hugging the toilet the whole day.  The thing is as well that when I'm pregnant with boys, the sickness tends to last the entire pregnancy, so here at week 19, I still struggle with the same issues.  I did find a trick to help so that I could keep some food down.  Now it didnt completely cure it but it sure made it so I could tend to my three other little ones.  I rub Peppermint oil on the bottoms of my feet in the morning to help with nausea and help me to wake up a little and as my stomach would turn through the day I'd rub peppermint or DigestZen on my stomach and would feel a ton better. Now remember Peppermint SHOULD NOT be used in the 3rd trimester if youre planning to nurse because it can dry up your milk supply.  Diffusing different smells as well like Wild Orange or Balance seemed to help my mood as well.  But be sure to diffuse the things that make you feel good. 
My dear husband also spoils me with massages on my back as well as my feet and I am ever so grateful for them.  I think he was more grateful during my discovery Deep Blue durning my last pregnancy.  With all the aches and pains that come from stress on your back and hips, I was wanting a massage everyday.  During the first two pregnancy's he gave them to me.  But with the the third and this pregnancy he's only had to give them every two weeks or so if he uses the Deep Blue and then a warm compress after. It's truly been amazing. I feel so much better after wards, my body is able to handle the demands so much better, and the smell from Deep Blue helps me to relax which we all know is good for the baby.  None of these oils have proven harmful any of the babies or myself and has actually opened my doctors eyes to the side of essential oils!
As far as taking the Lifelong Wellness Vitamins with pregnancy, again I highly recommend them. Having used other brands with my first two children and using doTERRA's for these last two, I would Never use anything else.  I feel more balanced, have more engery, my body doesn't crave the sugar it usually does and I've noticed that since I started to use them, the joint pain I have in my elbows have gone away!  I wish I had none about all of these things before my first two pregnancy's but I'm grateful to know of them now.  Especially since I've learned how to use them with newborns and I'm a firm believer that my last baby was healthier because the oils were used on her since birth.