Thursday, May 5, 2011

Business Opportunities


When we first started using doTERRA essential oils 2 years ago, we never thought of turning this into a business opportunity. My husband suffered for years during the winter with bronchitis and would be on 2-3 rounds of the strongest antibiotics on the market. Pretty soon the antibiotics weren't as potent as they used to be and we were concerned about how it was effecting his body. Around the same time our then 9 month old son had had 8 ear infections and currently had one at the time. After being on 4 different antibiotics our doctor kind of shrugged and told us he wasn't quite sure what to do. He heard that Basil oil had worked so we might want to consider that, if the infection didn't clear up we would need to do surgery.  Feeling helpless for my husband and for my baby a good friend brought over some of her doTERRA essential oils to try. We were a little hesitant but we're willing to try anything to not have to pump one more antibiotic into our baby and in my husband.  We applied some breathe oil to my husbands chest and he was shocked, with in about 30 seconds he could breathe again. The next day the bronchitis was gone.  Our sons ear infection also cleared up within a few days.  We have learned to incorporate the essential oils into our daily life and other than a few runny noses we have been antibiotic free for 2 years!! We are all happier, healthier and I feel like a better mom knowing that the only thing that is going into my families body are all natural and benefit them in so many ways. 

Friends, family and neighbors started to ask questions about the oils and the supplements after seeing the change in out family and everything just took off from there. We started sharing the oils and the next thing we knew we were helping to take doTERRA global!!

Business Highlights-
doTERRA is a wellness company offering the purest essential oils, supplements, protein shakes, & facial care products.

·     There is a Wellness Revolution taking place

·     $200 billion in 2002, over $550 billion today

·     Perfect Storm to start a wellness company

·     Essential oils are the perfect vehicle to capitalize

·     In the last ten years the global demand for essential oils has risen by 6.1% per year and this year sales are expected to reach US$11 billion (Kasikorn Research Centre)  With the concerns over Healthcare Reform as well as the rise of the "Superbug" it is a great time to be involved and educated in alternative medicine.

doTERRA Highlights-

·     Started in the spring of 2008 by Top Executives from leading direct sales companies (Nu Skin, Young Living, Shaklee, etc.).

·     Debt free by July 2008, no venture capitalists involved.

·     Sales increase of 2000%  during their first year.

·     65% retention rate at its lowest! This is due to the outstanding product.
·     Just entering "Hypergrowth" phase

doTERRA is on track to become a BILLION dollar company by 2014!  Are you going to sit back and watch this happen or are you going to join in on the ride?  We are choosing NOT to participate in the recession.  We are choosing to build our own future with people that we love and respect.  We are setting our own hours and enjoying life without limits.  We would LOVE to help you do the same!

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