Thursday, May 5, 2011

Antibiotics VS Essential Oils

Basic Facts

The majority of us are overusing antibiotics and are contributing to the rise of 'Superbugs" (antibiotic resistant bacteria).  Most of us are uneducated about the harmful effects of antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria (stomach flora) in your gut.  That "good bacteria" is crucial for your immune system to function properly. 

Cells in our bodies are surrounded by an oily membrane.

Bacteria are found on the outside of these cell walls and Viruses are on the inside of the cells.

Regular antibiotics CANNOT penetrate the cell wall and so they only work on bacterial infections NOT on viruses.

Most of us are equally uneducated about the amazing benefits of essential oils.  Essential oils are highly antimicrobial.
Essential Oils CAN penetrate the cell wall and are therefore effective against bacteria AND viruses.

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to kill bacteria, virus and even "Superbugs". 
Did you know that you cannot develop a resistance to essential oils?  Every drop contains a different amount of compounds.  The bacteria CANNOT outsmart nature's medicine cabinet.  Think about that for a minute!

“Isn’t it nice that for thousands of years, nature has already provided us with a way to fight off viruses?”

I have what I refer to as my "Natural Antibiotic" that I use for almost every illness coming on. It is 4 drops each of Oregano, OnGuard, & Lemon in an empty gel capsule, 3x daily for 5 days.  For younger children, use 2 drops of OnGuard under the tongue or on the bottom of the feet.  It has NEVER failed me!

This is a MUST read!

Are you prepared for...

The Last Days of Antibiotics?
By Steve Mitchell for MSN Health & Fitness
Medically Reviewed By: Pat F. Bass III, M.D., M.S., M.P.H.

“The growing problem of bacteria strains that are resistant to all but a handful of antibiotics, combined with a decline in development of new drugs to thwart the bugs, is creating the conditions for a perfect storm that could leave us vulnerable and unprotected from deadly germs.”

New antibiotics could help counter the development of resistance and keep us one step ahead of the bugs, but pharmaceutical companies have cut research in this area, leaving doctors without new weapons to fight off the germs.

“Larger pharmaceutical companies have been using less and less resources to develop new antibiotics because economically it doesn’t make as much sense to develop these as it does to develop other more profitable drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering medications,” Peters says.

Antibiotics are generally used for a week or two, but drugs for high cholesterol and other chronic conditions may be used for a lifetime, which ultimately means a larger revenue stream for drug companies.

According to IDSA, the number of new antibiotics hitting the market has dropped dramatically since the 1980s to less than four in the last five years, while the rates of people infected with antibiotic-resistant bugs has increased significantly.

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